I studied painting throughout college, and then again at the Atlanta College of Art (now SCAD Atlanta) under the guidance, encouragement and exuberance of Eula Rodgers Ginsberg. My other mentor at the time was local artist Deanna Sirlin, who through her informal tours of artist studios, collectives and co-op galleries tutored me on the business side of the art world.

In 2002 my work was selected for the LaGrange National Biennial, juried by Benny Andrews (1930 - 2006), and would become my first ever group show.

Meeting Andrews in person and hear him talk about my work was incredibly inspirational. Surrounded by so many of the talented participants in the show, I felt confident for the first time to consider myself an artist.

After our chat at the opening, Andrews shook my hand and said, “Keep making good art.”

That was the last time I saw him.

The art continues.

As for the art being “good”--- that remains to be seen.

 To see my past artwork as well as current projects, you can check them out at my Artist's site.